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Manimals: Understanding Different Types of Men and How to Date Them!


Ladies, Do Not Pass Up Reading This Book!

As most of you know I talk to my readers through my books and you have asked me to write this book. In fact, you named the book. Manimals is the only dating advice for women eBook that is interactive. There are videos inside from me, Helen Fisher (Google this famous woman) and me together, (starting in August 2015) and info-graphics from my team. In the last section, you are able to send us your stories of dating different types of men and I publish them. You will be in an Amazon best selling dating advice eBook!

In Section 1 and 2:

  • Laugh as I define the 10 main types of men
  • Place yourself among the 10 groups of women
  • Watch as I match you up with your best fit
  • Add to this list with your stories and learn from your fellow readers!

In Section 3:

  • Understand why you date the wrong type of guy
  • Hop aboard (temporarily of course) my train to failure
  • Understand why marriages fail
  • Learn why emotionally unhealthy people attract similar partners

In Section 4 We Understand Men Even More!

  • 15 things that every woman needs to know about men
  • A woman’s game plan for keeping her man (info-graphic)
  • Why we need to create challenge and mystery and how (this is huge!)
  • 9 TEXTING examples to create challenge and mystery (awesome info-graphic!)
  • And what a confident woman looks like to a guy

Oh but I’ve got more! You are going to read about my Chameleon Theory and you’ll love it! Then, in Section 5, the book gets turned over to you. Your stories get published every month so you, your counterparts, and I, can keep learning by always expanding this dating advice for women eBook. Nobody dares to take on guys like I have, it’s almost unfair.

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