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Greggs 10 Email Package


This 10 Email Coaching package enables you to break down barriers, build confidence, learn to set effective goals, and begin becoming a Woman of Worth (WOW).

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Gregg books email coaching 2 weeks ahead. Occasionally, however, he is able to get to you sooner. A 10-Email Coaching Package with Gregg means that, following one or two investigatory emails, Gregg will email you ten (10) times (following your responses) about your issue.

During this process, you will be engaged in helping to develop your own dating plan of action. You will also dig deep into goal setting and receive follow-up help during the 10-email series.

This coaching package will help you to break down major obstacles in your dating life. You will begin to see how you can become a Woman of Worth (WOW), a Keeper, rather than a Rest Stop.

You will also receive a free copy of my best seller, Comfortable in Your Own Shoes, the only confidence course specifically designed for women.