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Committed to Love, Separated by Distance: How to Thrive in Your Long Distance Relationship


Committed to Love, Separated by Distance

Thinking of pursuing a Long Distance Relationship? Or are you in the middle of one right now? Is trust an issue? Is your future a concern?

I've got the ANSWERS for YOU!

Hi, I’m Gregg and I can help you thrive in your LDR! How? Because I am a dating coach who is currently in a long distance relationship AND I have interviewed many successes and failures of long distance lovers. I know the pros and cons and I will prepare you for what is to come or I will IMPROVE your current situation by keeping both of you upbeat and busy preparing for your next rendezvous.

Committed to Love, Separated by Distance will;

  1. Give you and your lover a 10 question test to help predict your success
  2. Give you ALL the available resources to stay in contact
  3. Show you how much contact is enough
  4. Teach you how to stay busy and not obsess when you are apart
  5. Show you ways to keep up the romance like a Skype date night
  6. Give you tools to save money so a rendezvous can happen more often!

We are going to dig so deep into this subject that you are going to get excited! Technology has made LDR’s incredibly viable today. Long gone are the days of waiting for a letter or a call in a phone booth. Can you imagine?

Not only will this long distance relationship book keep you from breaking up, it will have you thriving better than most non LDR’s. You see, this type of setup forces communication, it forces the long distance couple to talk about their days and their feelings towards one another and this is a GREAT thing. I take advantage of this and I build you a bullet proof LDR that others will STOP questioning and may even become jealous!
Are You in a Long Distance Relationship? Don’t Pass Up this Book!

  1. We will define your relationship
  2. will help you set boundaries
  3. We will define the end game by setting up goals of where, how and when you will be together
  4. You’ll get 65 discussion topics to keep things fresh
  5. I’ll show you 26 great activities to do together

This long distance dating advice book is the real deal! Just go and click on the Add to cart button right now to make your long distance love work! You won’t regret it.