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Comfortable in Your Own Shoes: The Building of a Confident Woman:


Comfortable in Your Own Shoes: The Building of a Confident Woman

Finally! A confidence and self esteem workbook to CRUSH the shyness and anxiety that comes with approaching and dating men.

Hi I’m Gregg and I am a Top Dating Author!

Knowing how to attract men revolves around one dominant theme; Confidence! Confidence is GOLD. Men lust for women with high self esteem and confidence. So how do women gain these illusive traits?

You Become a Woman of Value

Deciding what you want in life and making a plan to get there by GOAL SETTING builds your confidence and makes you a woman of value. Most women let life dictate their next move because they don’t have a road map to happiness. Comfortable in Your Own Shoes:The Building of a Confident Woman changes this. This self-esteem workbook for women gives you the tools to accomplish ALL your goals through my time tested exercises. In just 7 weeks you will have a working road map and the BENEFIT?


Our self esteem has gotten beat up since we were little kids, let’s get it BACK! You can’t be happy or attract men if you don’t love yourself. This is where I come in. This confidence workbook is geared towards building self esteem in ALL areas of life and will have a profound effect on your everyday happiness too. Confidence begins with a plan. I lay out your road map in detail in the quiet of your own home. Each day you will head out with the lessons learned from the night before. If you work hard amazing things start to happen during your day and in your LIFE! My readers have had superb results with both MEN and their CAREERS – YOU will too.
Girls, Don’t Pass Up This Confidence Course! We delve into building confidence using these techniques:

  • Affirmations
  • Goal setting
  • Desensitization
  • Passage meditation
  • Visualization
  • Creating a daily/weekly game plan
  • Deleting self defeating behavior
  • Forging skills to attract men

Comfortable in Your Own Shoes will pave the way for approaching, meeting and dating men when and where you desire. This is my set up book in preparation for all my other Top Amazon Books. Read and master this confidence course, then read my dating books and you will ooze confidence and be dating quality men.

Self Esteem for Women Starts Here!

Stop hindering your path to success. The DNA is inside you to be the confident woman you aspire to be. Let me bring it out in you. Your career, social life and happiness depend on your self confidence. Read and TAKE my course instantly, no Kindle required! Just go and click on the Add to cart button right now to begin your new, successful life. You won’t regret it. Empower yourself with the secrets to self esteem so men will naturally gravitate towards you. The solution is in front of you it’s now up to you!

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