Check Out My Latest Releases!

I speak with my readers every day! With what I learn from working with you, I write new books to help fulfill your needs! These are my latest releases!

My New Texting Book Is Live! Are you tired of sending a text to a guy and not getting a response for hours, if not days? Do you wonder sometimes if you’ve texted the wrong thing? Is that why he doesn’t respond? Did you push him away with a text? Is it recoverable? What does he really want to see in a text? I’ve got all of those answers and more inside my new texting book, Text Him This – Not That. Get YOUR copy today!

He's Gone Now What?

He’s gone. You’re feeling all kinds of things. One day you want him back, the next day you want to rip his parts off. You feel as if you’ll never get past feeling so crappy. There is good news! What you are feeling is normal. In He’s Gone, Now What?, I will walk you through everything you’re feeling and what you’re about to feel. I’ll help you understand how to deal with these feelings and what to do when you feel as if you’ve moved past them. This book is the ultimate guide to understanding your breakup and moving forward.

What are your Night Moves? Will they attract a guy? Can you use them to make him fall in love with you? No, you say?? Well, then, you’ve come to the right place! There is science behind getting a guy to fall in love with you and I’ve got it all laid out for you in this new book an Amazon Hot New Release!

You will learn just the right way to look at, touch and then wait for a great guy to approach you. The fun part is that he will believe he picked you up! Don’t spoil his illusion – let him believe. You and I will know you drew him in with science!

Players Beware!!! This #1 Best Seller is arming women with the defense they need against players (users) and losers. This book details the traits of users, losers (collectively called wet kittens) and Mr. Right so you can easily sniff out the bad guys and recognize the good ones!

Read and find a full toolbox of tools to dump the wet kitten you picked up and advance a relationship with Mr. Right. You will no longer be confused about what type of guy you’ve got or what to do with him! It’s all right here!