Check Out My Latest Releases!

I speak with my readers every day! With what I learn from working with you, I write new books to help fulfill your needs! These are my latest releases!

Players Beware!!! This #1 Best Seller is arming women with the defense they need against players (users) and losers. This book details the traits of users, losers (collectively called wet kittens) and Mr. Right so you can easily sniff out the bad guys and recognize the good ones!

Read and find a full toolbox of tools to dump the wet kitten you picked up and advance a relationship with Mr. Right. You will no longer be confused about what type of guy you’ve got or what to do with him! It’s all right here!


Updated to keep up with the times, my best seller, Love is in the Mouse has just been re-released! Online dating changes quickly and I don’t want you to be left behind! I’ve updated this great book to include new chapters and updated information!

Learn how to write the perfect profile, post the perfect picture and have exactly the right headline to attract great men! This book takes you from no online presence to dating Mr. Right in steps you can easily understand and follow!

Audible Coming Soon!