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Understanding the Importance of Mystery and Challenge

Women underestimate the importance of challenge to a man. Men love the thrill of the chase – ask any hunter. It’s in our DNA to be the hunter. We also crave mystery – we want the excitement of not knowing what’s coming next! In this installment of my trip to NYC, you can watch as four top dating experts (including yours truly) discuss this topic.

Understand Mystery and Challenge From a Male Point of View

I talk about Mystery and Challenge all of the time – it’s mentioned in several of my books because it is that important. Recently, I emailed you about Manimals, a book on different types of men and women. In the third section of that book is the best-ever description of mystery and challenge. If you didn’t take the opportunity to buy Manimals then, you can get it today by clicking the cover to the right or by clicking here.