Gregg Michaelsen’s Media Kit

Author, life coach, and dating coach Gregg Michaelsen continues to help thousands of women with his one-on-one virtual coaching and books. Having sold more than 200,000 books in multiple formats, Gregg’s reach includes over 100 countries.
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Gregg’s Books

With more than 1400 Five Star ratings, Gregg’s books are excellent resources for women seeking to understand men and build their own confidence. Gregg’s dating books fall into three categories: finding a guy, keeping a guy and getting an ex back. His new, co-ed books focus on helping men and women build themselves through pushing through fear, living in the moment, and empowerment through communication. In addition to eBook versions, many of Gregg’s books are now available in an audio format. Several are also available in print. In fact the demand is so high, his books have now gone international and are even written in Chinese through Fiberead!

Gregg has four dating books for women which remain #1 Best Sellers and six others which fall in the top 25, with two ranked at #2 behind his #1’s! He has recently expanded his reach to both men and women with co-ed books, Live Like You’re Dying and he has more co-ed books in production. In addition to writing for adults, Gregg recently published two teen books, which are shown below. His belief is that if he can boost the confidence of teens, they will have a better shot at success in their adult life. Many of the issues Gregg coaches women through begin in their childhood. Gregg can be contacted at or go to his team’s contact page CLICK HERE.

Gregg Michaelsen Media Kit

Gregg Michaelsen's Media Kit

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Ex Back 015

Mouse 015

Be Quiet 015

TDAM 015

Committed 015

Comfortable 015

Understand You 015

Middle Aged 015

Manimals 015

Pennies 015

Own 015

LLYD 015

Winning 015

Building of a Confident Teen 015

Power to Communicate 015



A Unique Breed of Coach

Gregg helps women with his motto, Build yourself and he will come. His coaching focuses on helping women to not only understand how the male mind works, but how they must work on building their own confidence in order to attract high value men.

His website, WhoHoldsTheCardsNow, focuses on providing women with resources to build their confidence. These come in the form of infographics, videos, blog posts, Gregg’s One Question and one-on-one email coaching.

Gregg’s uniqueness comes in his willingness to communicate personally with his female readers, often responding to dozens of emails every day from troubled women who have read his books. In many of his books, readers are also treated to a free copy of another book. Additionally, Gregg interacts with potential readers by engaging them socially on the weekends, visiting local hangouts and interacting with women. He lives in the trenches! This enables Gregg to stay current on the issues women face in the dating world and what their concerns and frustrations are.

Dating Expert

Gregg’s success as a dating coach has led him in many directions. He became a YourTango Expert several years ago and had an opportunity in 2015 to participate with world renowned Dr. Helen Fisher and two other renowned dating coaches in the shooting of six topical videos. Each video can be viewed below.


Gregg’s newsletter currently reaches more than 8,000 women, a number that is growing significantly each week. Emails average more than a 24% open rate and an unsubscribe rate of less than 1%.

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Gregg can be contacted at or go to his team’s contact page CLICK HERE.

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Gregg is always adding videos to his YouTube channel. Click here to view the Who Holds the Cards Now YouTube Channel. Three of Gregg’s most popular videos are below.

Success Stories

Valerie Holds The Cards Now!

Artie Gets a Voice: A Success Story

Men’s site

Gregg also works with men and has a men’s site, The Building of a Confident Man. This site is currently undergoing a redevelopment.

Gregg has also written three men’s best selling books, Hook Line and Date Her, Power Texting Women and The Building of a Confident Man.