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Gregg Michaelsen (ma-KEL-sen) lives and works in Boston, MA, USA. He has authored more than two dozen books for men, women and teens, many of which have become Amazon best sellers. His current focus is on writing dating advice books for women with a strong commitment to helping women build their confidence. This is emphasized by his website tagline, Build Yourself and He Will Come.

While his main focus is on helping women build confidence, he also focuses strongly on helping women uncomplicate the male mind. Several of his books deal with this topic, including:

  • To Date a Man, You Must Understand a Man
  • 10 Secrets You Need to Know About Men
  • Who Holds the Cards Now?
  • Power Texting Men
  • Manimals
  • Weed Out the Users, The Couch Potatoes and the Losers

Gregg’s success in helping women understand men is unmatched. He not only writes the books which help them decode the male mind, but he often spends hours a day communicating via email with his readers. He invites them to email him in each of his books and sometimes goes the extra mile, offering a free book inside another.

Recently, Gregg met up with world renowned Dr. Helen Fisher and 2 other dating experts in New York City to film a few segments for Your Tango. The videos from those shoots can be found here. Beginning in early 2017, Gregg began speaking in online seminars, podcasts and Facebook Live chats with the top experts in his field from all over the world. Available recordings of Gregg’s participation in those events can be found here. In many of these events, Gregg helps women learn to understand the way a man’s mind works or the importance of what he likes to call having a great story.

For a complete list of Gregg’s dating advice for women books, click here. All books are available in Kindle format, many are available in Audible and print formats as well.

Gregg was recently interviewed on DatingAdvice.Com. Click the link and see the wonderful article they did and learn more about his successes!

Author Q & A

1. Why did you become a dating coach?

I became a dating coach because I know how tough building a good relationship can be. I come from a broken home myself and I saw what dysfunctional looks like, first hand. I knew there had to be a secret my parents just didn’t know about how to build a successful relationship and, after several failed relationships of my own, I decided it was time to uncover that secret.

2. How did you become a dating coach?

I sort of became the dating advice expert for my friends first. One friend in particular came to me to rebuild himself after three failed marriages and encouraged me to share my advice with others as well. He knew that, whenever he came to me after a failed relationship, I could get him back on the right track (which he obviously kept falling off of…) if he paid attention to my advice. With the encouragement of friends and family, I began researching, talking to people in successful relationships and those who have suffered from failed relationships. I talked to those elderly couples who still hold hands and the twenty-somethings who are still searching for that first true love. I gathered all of my data and started writing. More than 250,000 books sold, as of mid-2017, says something must be clicking.

3. How did you become a life coach?

My father was a life coach, so my sisters and I had this drilled into us from a young age. Dad was doing life coaching before it was even a thing. He had many corporate and individual clients and used me as his Guinea pig :). As I began coaching women, I quickly learned that the skills I learned at the knee of my dad were necessary in my coaching. Building yourself is more about a whole life transformation than just a dating life transformation!

4. How do you gain insight and develop ideas for your books?

As I said above, I interview people. I am out, nearly every Saturday night, talking to single women, coaching them on-the-spot, answering their boyfriends’ texts for them and teaching them. I take the problems they’re encountering, as well as the problems I see in my email inbox every day and I write books to target the common issues. I also have an extensive email list of more than 10,000 readers so, from time to time, I send them a survey and ask them what they want to see. Surveys such as that have not only helped me write books but my readers have helped me name a couple of these books as well! Middle Aged and Kickin’ It is a book written as a direct result of one of those surveys. The name Manimals came directly from a reader survey as well.

Fun Facts About Gregg

Gregg Michaelsen's media page

Gregg gives advice while sitting in traffic!

  • Gregg’s understanding of women comes, in part, from his family. Gregg has three older sisters and is the only son.
  • Gregg’s mom Ally, also known as one of Rockland, Maine’s Pie Moms, once did a throwdown with Bobby Flay
  • Gregg’s sister, Cheryl, owns the Berry Manor Inn and Rockland Talbot House, both in Rockland, ME. Gregg often helps out with projects when needed
  • In 2016, Gregg had one of his work trucks wrapped with his best-selling books. He can be seen driving the truck all over the Salem and Boston areas, as well as back and forth to Maine
  • Gregg is an avid animal lover with a particular fondness for cats
  • Mike Rowe once did a dirty jobs episode with the Pie Moms at the Berry Manor Inn after raking blueberries nearby
  • Gregg and his construction crew can often be found, early in the morning, at the local Dunkin Donuts, which they fondly refer to as “The Pet Shop” because they all sit in the window
  • Gregg loves to jet ski
  • In addition to his home in Salem, MA, Gregg has a home in Florida, which he frequents from time to time, spreading his dating advice among the Florida dating scene.


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