Make Your Passion Your Paycheck | The 6 Steps

6 Steps to Make Your Passion Your Paycheck!

We all know happiness comes from within, right? So, what makes you happy? I bet you have, or dream of a hobby or passion that makes you intensely happy – Horseback riding or traveling let’s say.

Then make your passion your paycheck!

How do I know this to be the truth? Because I live it!

FYI: When someone spouts facts that you question, do yourself a favor and dig into their life and see if they live what they say!

I worked construction. I still do at times because I like parts of it. But what I loved, and was really good at was helping women understand the male mind so they could be happy in their relationship.

This was my passion.

So, what did I do? I made my passion my paycheck!

My family laughed at me. My friends humored me. My employees said, “Yeah, and I want go to Mars – find us more work.”

300,000 books later – I am one happy son of a bitch!

Don’t feed yourself all this crap that you don’t have the money or you’re too old – I do not want to hear that. You don’t need money; you don’t need more years – you need the list of  things that makes you intensely happy!!

You will find the time and the money if you make that one thing your goal! I wanted to help women understand men, so I decided to do just that. The plan included monetizing my idea so I could stop being semi-miserable with my current source of income and move towards my passion.

I wrote books. I wasn’t a writer – heck, Charlotte’s Web was the last book I read, but that didn’t matter. I had something I was good at and others needed.

The 6 Steps to Make Your Passion Your Paycheck


Get out the pen and paper and write down 10-20 activities that make you happy. Don’t write down the excuses – write down the activities.

Sleep on it and narrow the list

What pops out at you and what is easiest to monetize? If it’s travel, you’ll need a YouTube channel or a website with a blog.

How will you make your passion your paycheck?

I want specifics. Mine was to join Amazon’s KDP Select program and learn how to write, publish a book, and market it. I kept my day job while I learned every possible nugget from the pros – mostly for free.

Turn the specifics into goals

In other words, break down your plan into baby steps. Enter times. Be realistic. Be prepared to adjust on the fly.

Reward yourself

Yes, reward yourself for even the smallest achievement.

This is where people lose interest because they:

  • Are trying something they really don’t love or
  • They don’t reward themselves!

My latest goal was to trade my work truck for an RV so I could travel the country selling my passion. On my list was to spend an afternoon schooling myself on what class RV I should buy. Once I did this, my reward was to relax in the hot tub and eat Ben and Jerry’s ice cream!

Was schooling myself about RV’s tough? Of course not – because it was another passion!!!

Watch your PayPal account grow!

Listen to me – when you see your first 50 cents get deposited into your PayPal account, you will freak! Why? Because you know if you can make 50 cents then you make 10K, 100K – it’s just a matter of time!

When I sold my first book, I reacted the same way – and this was not my Mom buying it, granted she bought 5!

Make Your Passion Your Paycheck

Am I making this all to simple? A little bit, yes, because I want to get your attention. But it really is this easy because your precious time is now is surrounded by your passion. If you love horses, will you be miserable cleaning horse shit? I bet you won’t, even if this is one of the worse parts of the equestrian lifestyle.

Just imagine, you have now made your passion into your paycheck, and you are happy! Others see you happy and they want more of you. Men want more of you because you are successful and confident. Everything spirals up and up!

So, what do you have to lose? Your crappy job?

Are you ready for your detailed plan and a toolbox? Just Hit the Button Below!

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