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Ladies, I’ve told you how to ditch the wet kittens and how to boost your confidence. I’ve helped you understand men and how to communicate with them, and I’ve told you how and where to find quality men! Now, it’s time to learn how to keep the great guy you’ve chosen from the many who have been drawn to you! Are you ready?

Who Holds the Cards Now – 5 Lethal Steps to Win His Heart and Get Him to Commit

This book cures the complacent man! The 5 Lethal Steps are just what you need to turn your guys attention away from the television and onto you! He will be begging you to allow him to be your boyfriend.

As soon as you start applying the steps, you will see a noticable change in his behavior! Your guy will morph into the man of your dreams right before your eyes! By the time you have applied all 5 steps, you will have newfound power and a new man! Even if you’re not in a relationship, this book will prepare you for when Mr. Right does walk into your life!

This book is straight to the point – easy read in an evening or two! Imagine changing your world that quickly! What are you waiting for?

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How to Get Your Ex Back Fast! Toy with the Male Psyche and Get Him Back with Skills only a Dating Coach Knows

While we’re not planning to lose this guy – especially if you’ve been following all of my steps, it is important that you read this book! If nothing else, it will keep you from making some huge mistakes in your relationship! More than one woman has told me they wish they’d read it while they were still with their guy! You can have a jump on them by reading it before something happens!

How to Get Your Ex Back Fast isn’t just about getting your ex back! It’s about gaining even more insight into the male mind – how they respond to you when you’re angry, frustrated or upset – and how they react when they are angry, frustrated or upset! That’s going to happen in any relationship!