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What is the Importance of Physical Attraction?

In a recent trip to New York City, I filmed some great videos on dating advice for women and men. One of these videos, What is the Importance of Physical Attraction?” is below. In this video, Dr. Helen Fisher weighs in with some scientific evidence you won’t want to miss!

As you can see from the video, men and women view physical attraction very differently. It is crucial that you learn to understand men so you can leverage what you know to be that unique female mentioned in the video! I’ve got 2 great books for you to read – both will help you understand men!

To Date a Man, You Must Understand a Man

This is my all-time best selling book. Inside this book, you will find extensive information on the inner workings of the male mind. With more than 400 reviews and thousands of copies sold, this book is one you can’t ignore! All you need to do to own a copy is click here or click the cover to the left.

10 Secrets You Need to Know About Men

This book picks up where To Date a Man, You Must Understand a Man leaves off. Inside this book are 10 things you need to learn to manage your relationships with men! I explain, in detail, how the male mind works and how you can use this information to your advantage in your relationships with men. This book became a best seller before it was even officially launched – that’s how great it is! Don’t miss out! Get your copy by clicking the cover to the right or by clicking here.