How to Get Back with Your Ex Boyfriend Fast

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How to Get Back With Your Ex Boyfriend Fast | 28 Days of Professional Coaching

It’s time to turn what you perceive as a negative into a positive. Take advantage of your single time to make him beg to come back!

Shifting from the grieving process to the process of getting him back is step one in learning how to get back with your ex boyfriend fast.

You’ll learn how to reverse what he thinks about you and play with his psyche. He thinks he wants time off, but you’re going to show him how wrong he is!

You’re going to turn the tables, make him believe you are breaking up with him, and return the power in the relationship to you!

Your ex will become uncomfortable with the break up sooner, begin second-guessing the breakup and reach out to you before you’re ready to take him back.

A Peek at What’s Inside the Course | How to Get Back with Your Ex Boyfriend Fast

Getting to Know Yourself

The first thing you need to do in your quest to learn how to get back with your ex boyfriend fast is to learn more about yourself. I know it might feel like wasted time. You know who you are and what you want, right? Well, let me ask you this then. Why do you keep experiencing relationship failures? Why are you heare now, wanting to know how to get your ex back?

The problem everyone has in dating is that they continue to choose the same person to date, time and time again. Oh, not the exact same person of course, but the same person in a different body. Every guy you date looks about the same, maybe even has the same type of profession. They might all have a similar background and come from the same area.

Without knowing it, you’re repeating a pattern that isn’t working for you. This is why it’s important to spend some time getting to know yourself. During these lessons, you will:

  • Examine where you are now in all areas of your life
  • Dream a little and create a few goals to work toward
  • Uncover your core values
  • Review what types of limitations you may have and how you can overcome them
  • Look at which areas of your life might benefit from finding a mentor
  • Reveal your accomplishments
  • Determine whether you’re a positive or negative thinker and shift to becoming more positive
  • Gain an understanding of how important having your financials in order is
  • Taka a look at how you interact with others and how this might be impacting your dating

Dreams Come True When You Set Goals

It’s one thing to dream of a different life, but nothing happens when all you do is dream. Instead, use the lessons in this section of the course to change those dreams into goals you can go after and achieve! In this set of lessons, you’ll learn:

  • How goal setting improves your confidence
  • An easy way to break down large goals into smaller bits so they feel more attainable
  • What SMART goals are and how to make your own SMART goals
  • Great ways to form new, healthy and positive habits
  • The effectiveness of creating a vision board and how to make your own
  • How to fill in the gaps when you remove something from your life, like a bad habit

It might not be obvious how this helps you in your quest to learn how to get back with your ex boyfriend fast, but what you’re doing is getting him back indirectly, meaning you aren’t texting him daily, begging him to come back or spewing anger. You’re making him want to come back to you because he sees the positive changes you’re making. Trust me, this is much more effective!

How to Get Back with Your Ex Boyfriend Fast with Mystery and Challenge

Mystery and challenge are huge in any relationship, whether it’s one day old or fifty years old. Men love the mystery of meeting a new woman, but once your relationship is older, it doesn’t mean there is no more mystery. It just means you need to work at making sure there is! The same goes with challenge. A man finds you challenging when you first date. Not challenging in a bad way, but challenging in a what will she do next kind of way. Much like mystery, it’s important to keep challenge alive long after you’ve gotten to know one another better.

Key to all of this are a few things, one of which you’ll learn about here – hobbies. Hobbies are a big deal for many reasons. They keep you busy and they often provide that element of mystery and challenge your relationship needs. In this part of learning how to get back with your ex boyfriend fast, you’ll uncover:

  • Potential real reasons for why your ex left (probably not what he told you)
  • How hobbies play into challenge
  • Ways in which you can use hobbies to create mystery
  • The importance of emotional control
  • How you can discover a new hobby or two

Pulling it All Together

The last week of courses is all about pulling together everything you’ve learned about how to get back with your ex fast. While it appears that some of these lessons assume you don’t want to get back with your ex, you can apply these techniques with your ex as well. In this series of lessons, you’ll discover:

  • What type of man you’re really attracted to
  • Where you can discover Mr. Wonderful, now that you know what he looks like (assuming he isn’t your ex)
  • How to stand out in a crowd of other women
  • What man mode is and how you can employe it in your relationship with your ex or any other man
  • Whether your ex is now worthy of you and if you do still want him back
  • How to meet up with your ex again now that you’ve done all this work on yourself and what to expect

Some women reach this last week of lessons and discover that they don’t want their ex back while other women still do. There is no right or wrong. Some men are worth getting back while others need to be tossed aside. Only you can decide what’s best for you.

How to Get Back with Your Ex Boyfriend Fast | Bonus Materials!

While four courses with thirty-six videos is a great program all by itself, I still have more for you! I would like you to have 3 bonuses that will help you learn how to get back with your ex boyfriend fast:

80 Ways to Read a Man

Learn to read the body language of any man with 80 Ways to Read a Man, a special report full of various types of body language men display. With this report, when you meet with your ex again, you will be able to determine whether he is sincere in wanting to get back with you, or if he is playing with you.

Pennies in the Jar

When you and your ex get back together, you will want to make sure you can keep your relationship strong. Pennies in the Jar is the ultimate book to make sure any relationship is strong and affair-proof. This book is full of tips on activities for you and your guy, tactics to use when he goes rogue, and much more.

The Ex Back Communicator

Communication is key, especially when you and your guy begin to talk again. If you’ve read the book, you’ve taken my advice and gone silent. It will soon be time to do a little tactical communication, and with this book in your hands, you will be able to be effective in expressing your feelings and getting what you want.

How to Get Back With Your Ex Boyfriend Fast | Additional Tools

This course is GREAT! But there are even more tools available to you! Since so many of my coaching clients are exactly where you are, I’ve created a separate site to help you. This site contains the five steps you need to take to get your ex back. When you combine those five steps with this course, you’re unstoppable!

Do you want to get your ex back?

Check out this proven Five Step Process to Get Him Back! Work your way through these five steps and:

  • Feel less emotional
  • Figure out what happened to end the relationship
  • Rebuild your confidence
  • Toy with his psyche
  • Plan your meeting with him

As you’re reading, many men come back months later. Taking these five steps helps guarantee that your new relationship will be a success!

Discover the Five Steps Today!


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