Below, you will find screenshots and instructions to guide you through the process of downloading, completing, and submitting your Emergency Breakup Kit form, as well as what to expect next.

Step 1: Wait for download to be retrieved

After completing your purchase, the shop automatically takes you to this screen.

Please stay here until the window saying “Preparing your downloads” changes to what you’ll see on the next image. This step can take a few moments as the shop processes your payment and retrieves your document.

Step 2: Download document

Here you see that the kit document has now been delivered. You can click the “Download Now” button to retrieve the document you need to access your Emergency Breakup Kit.

As it says in this window, you will also receive an email from the shop that provides you a link to the same document. Additionally, I will send you an email with the link.

Step 3: Review the Download

When you open the PDF document, you will see a first page of instruction and a few notes. Gregg’s email is where the yellow block is in this image. This is where you will send the form, once it’s completed.

Step 4: Complete the Form

On page 2 of your download, you should see a page that looks just like this one. The light purple boxes are where you enter your information.

Please be sure that the email you enter is correct. This is the email Gregg will use to send your video and to correspond.

If you don’t see these boxes, switch your browser to Google Chrome or download Adobe Reader.

Step 5: Save the document

Before you can send the completed form to Gregg, you must save it. If you don’t, he will receive a blank form.

To save it, go to “File” in the upper menu, then click “Save Page As” if you’re using Chrome, or “Save As” if you’re using Acrobat.

Save the document to a place you can easily access from your email program and give it a name that is meaningful, like “Lisa’s Emergency Breakup Kit.”

Step 6: Email the completed, saved document to Gregg

Your email program may look different, but the key elements are all the same.

Create a new email and enter Gregg’s email address, which you have on page 1 of the download you received.

Next, look for a paper clip. This is the most commonly used icon for attaching a file. If your program has a different icon, of course, use that.

Attach the saved and completed form to your email and use a subject line that is meaningful, like “Lisa’s Emergency Breakup Kit”. This tells Gregg exactly what the email is.

Next Steps

Upon receiving your kit, Gregg will review it and take some time to consider both what his response will be and which free book you should receive.

He will record a reply, using his phone, and send it. Keep in mind, this will be an unedited video, so nothing fancy.

In the same email, he will send you a link to your free book. The book comes in the form of a PDF, as this is the easiest for most people to use on any device.

After you receive Gregg’s video reply, you have the opportunity to ask a follow-up question. Simply reply to the video email and ask your question.

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