Emergency Breakup Kit

Start Feeling Better Today


This emergency breakup kit is personalized to fit your specific situation!

Video Reply

The reply you receive will be in the form of a video, recorded just for you.

Free Book

In addition to the personalized advice, you’ll receive a free best-seller.

Follow Up

Follow up the video with an additional question to help you understand the advice.

Helping You Navigate Your Breakup

Get Expert Advice on Your Next Steps

Whether you want to break up with your guy or he just broke up with you, you need expert advice that will help you determine what your next steps should be.

Right now, everything seems to be upside down. You want to feel better but you just can’t seem to get there. Just when you think things are turning around, it all goes up in smoke.

This Emergency Breakup Kit is like no other. I’ve seen what my competition is offering. Every woman gets the exact same kit, and most of them amount to nothing more than a long article.

Keep reading to see how this kit is different!

Why Gregg?

He Understands Your Situation

Gregg has spent more than ten years working with both men and women to understand relationships.

He’s written more than two dozen books to help women like you overcome the various relationship obstacles you may find.

Learn more about how Gregg can help you.

He's a Life Coach

Gregg’s father is a life coach who taught Gregg the strategies he employs today from a very young age.

He understands how to help you define and set your goals and can help steer you toward achieving them.

He Cares!

Gregg cares about the women he helps. Of course, growing up with three older sisters that he’s still very close with helps, but he’s passionate about helping women.

While many men go out on a Saturday night to see how many women they can pick up, Gregg enjoys sitting with a table of women and helping them text their boyfriends or attract a man they have their eye on. He has fun when you’re having fun.

Is the Emergency Breakup Kit Right for You?

Will this help you feel better about your specific situation? Can Gregg really help you?

The answer to both questions is YES! Continue reading below for specifics on this great solution!

How much does it cost?

The Emergency Breakup Kit has a one-time fee of $99.

There are no surprise charges or add-on fees later.

How quickly will I receive my reply?

Your reply will come within 24-48 hours. This is so Gregg can have time to consider your situation and form the best response for you.

Most responses are faster. Delays occur due to travel or family emergencies.

What's included?

Great question! For specifics, read the next section. The quick answer is that you’ll get a video reply and a follow-up question, as well as a free book or two.

How does it work?

First, complete your purchase.

Once that’s done, you’ll receive a PDF that you can type your answers into and return to Gregg.

After he receives your form, he will take some time to consider your situation, then use his iPhone to shoot your personal video reply.

He’ll send that off to you in an email and you’ll have the opportunity for a follow-up question.

His email will also contain the link to your free book, which will be chosen for you, based on your specific situation.

Your Emergency Breakup Kit is Personalized

Gregg studied what his competitors offer to provide something better and more effective, so it didn’t take long to see how an emergency breakup kit could be better.

After purchasing some of those kits, it became clear that all they want is your money. Basically, their kits are stock answers, not at all specific to your situation.

This is where Gregg can help you most. He recognizes your unique and heartbreaking position and a stock reply isn’t what you need!

What you need is a personalized reply.

Sure, he could charge you $50 for a 2,000-word blog post, and some of his competition does that, or he could provide you with something that will actually help you.

That’s how this emergency breakup kit is different. You need help that is specific to your unique situation. You need someone who deeply cares about you and wants to help you feel better, sooner rather than later.

This kit is personalized to your situation. After your purchase is complete, you answer a few questions about your situation. Then, you send the completed form straight to Gregg’s inbox where nobody but him can see it.

Gregg will then read your replies to the questions and consider his response before he gets his phone out to record his reply to you.

Your situation is unique and it’s important to Gregg that he address it specifically, with an answer that will truly help you.

The Video Reply

To get you the fastest reply, Gregg will shoot your video straight from his phone. You’ll get an unedited reply to the answers you supply on the form you submit.

While Gregg isn’t known for his technological abilities, he is very passionate and it shows in all his videos! His passion and devotion to helping you solve your situation will shine through.

As soon as he’s recorded his reply, he’ll send you an email containing your video. Please note that if the video is too long, he may need to send you a Google Drive link, rather than the actual video, but that link will be to your video.

From there, you can download it if you choose, or just watch it there.

And a Free Book or Two!

Everyone who purchases the Emergency Breakup Kit will receive at least one free book, however, there’s no way to specify here which book you’ll receive.

Gregg will determine which book is best for you based on your situation.

Obviously, if you are initiating the breakup, you probably aren’t interested in a book to help you get him back.

Nor are you interested in a book to help you get back out into dating if you want your ex back.

Gregg has more than two-dozen books, and one of them will be perfect for your situation! When he sends you the link to your video, he’ll also send you a link to your free book.

All free books arrive as PDF documents because those are the easiest to access across all forms of technology.

What’s This About a Follow-Up?

The final piece of the Emergency Breakup Kit is a follow-up question.

Once you receive your video reply, you may still have a question. You can ask Gregg that question by replying to the email.

It’s inevitable that you’ll have something else you want to know or that you’ll find something you aren’t quite clear on.

With your follow-up question, you can be sure you have all the information you need to move forward and start feeling better!

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