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Are You Lost?

Do You Feel as If You Aren’t Reaching Your Potential?

If you can answer “Yes” to either or both questions, you need to join Discover U! Discover U is a 3-month long series of courses designed to help you see the brighter future ahead. You begin with a Personal Development Plan, then you learn to get comfortable with who you are inside. You follow that up by writing the exciting story of your life and you finish with learning how to understand men.

The next Discover U Series begins in just a few short weeks! We only allow a small group of women to join each session. We want to get to know you as you go through the courses so we can guide you through the rough spots.



What’s Included?

  • Free books which correspond to the course flow
  • Free membership in closed Facebook Group just for members
  • Weekly Facebook Live discussions with either Gregg or Kirbie
  • Personal attention of both coaches Gregg and Kirbie
  • All course materials
  • Course videos
  • Always new benefits coming!
  • Completion of the preliminary course will set you up for possible participation in our Mentorship Program!