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He’s Gone! Now What? How to Survive a Breakup

I’m excited about this book! This isn’t your typical surviving a breakup book! In this book, I’m going to tell you why:

  • You feel like you’re in a fog
  • You want him back one day and never want to see him the next
  • Your emotions feel like they’re on a roller coaster
  • You have no appetite for anything
  • The simpliest tasks seem to be so overwhelming
  • Everything seems to hurt more
  • You either gain or lose some weight and can’t seem to sleep at night

All of this is not only normal but it is to be expected! I will explain why you are going through all of these things and how you can find your way back to feeling good again! I will help you muddle through this crappy phase you’re in and into a much better place where dating again excites you and you’re strong and confident, ready to conquer the dating world!