Is your relationship struggling a bit? Do you feel as if you could benefit from couples coaching? Coach Kirbie is your answer! Kirbie and Gregg speak on a daily basis and share their methodologies. Kirbie and Gregg both have helped many people before!

Secure Your Relationship

It’s not uncommon for couples to hit bumps in the road along the way. Outside forces are usually at play, as well as internal issues. We can help you sort those out and move back to that initial excitement you both had in the relationship.

End the Fighting

When you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship, you find yourself fighting more often. You’ve turned into the couple you never thought you’d become. But, you’re here exploring options and this means there is hope! With couples coaching, you will learn how to effectively communicate. You will learn how to explore what’s going on without blowing up at one another.

Learn to Communicate

Often in relationships, communication breaks down and things deteriorate quickly. It’s no secret that men and women communicate differently. You can learn how to communicate with one another and understand your partner’s “love language”.

Be a Team Again

When you were first together, you did things together. Whether you’re married now or still dating, this tends to change as relationships progress. You both dedicate a lot of time and energy early in a relationship, only to see it begin to fade away as you resume your normal life pace. We will help you become that team you once were and we will give you tools which will keep you both on the team!

Couples Coaching = Relationship Insurance

When you participate in coaching, you are purchasing an insurance policy of sorts for your relationship. You will gain the tools you need to grow as individuals into a solid couple. Every day, new life experiences come up in your lives and these have the potential to change you in small ways. With couples coaching, you will learn how to manage those changes and use them to the advantage of your relationship.

Coaching Packages

Option 1: Basic Package

Option 2: Extended Package



10 Emails
14 Emails
One Skype Meeting
Two Skype Meetings
3 Free Books (see below)
5 Free Books (see below)

Books You Receive

Comfortable in Your Own Shoes and Pennies in the Jar: How to Keep a Man for Life. Men will receive The Building of a Confident Man. With the Extended Package, you will also each receive a copy of The Power to Communicate.