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Sometimes, you just have a quick question for Gregg. You can get that answered without hiring a coach! With “Ask Gregg”, you are able to ask Gregg one question and get a response, usually within a few hours. After receiving your response, you get one follow-up question to clarify.

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Coaching Options

Option 1:

10 Emails with Gregg

Option 2:

3 Emails with Gregg

Option 3:

Gregg’s One Question




First Available: 3 Weeks

First Available: 3 Weeks

Always available!!

10 Emails from Gregg

3 Emails from Gregg

One email plus one follow-up email from Gregg

Dating plan of action

Goal setting help/follow-up

Goal setting help/follow up

Solution within 24 hours
Break down major obstacles

Solve immediate issue

Solve immediate issue
In-depth coaching

Test the coaching waters-see how coaching fits

Quick solution from Gregg
Free copy Comfortable In Your Own Shoes

Free copy Comfortable In Your Own Shoes