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Dating Coach for WomenMeet Gregg – Your Dating Coach for Women

Are you ready for your own, personal, dating coach for women? Relationships are hard! When we learn to drive, we have an instructor. When we learn a sport or play on a team, we have a coach. Even when we work out, we often consult a trainer or a coach. We obtain extended education to learn our trade or profession and we seek guidance in important financial decisions.

Why, then, do we proceed through the most important aspect of our lives like we’re in a free-fall? Why are we so hesitant to seek assistance with relationships? It just doesn’t make sense!

Let me help you! I am not just a dating coach for women, but a life coach too. I was raised by a life coach – I cut my teeth on affirmations and goal setting! In my quest to help women understand men, I have uncovered the keys to a successful relationship.

Yes, you find many of them in my books and articles, but many times, your situation has specific nuances which need more specific solutions. The only way to get those solutions is with coaching. Finding and keeping the prefect relationship does not have a 3-hour read or a one-email solution. It takes time! Why do you need coaching?

Why do you need a Dating Coach?

You keep dating the same guy

You might not be dating exactly the same person every time, but you are continuously choosing the same type of guy. Often, we don’t even realize we’re choosing the same toxic personality, time after time. I can help you identify that type of man and why you keep choosing that same type. Then, we can work toward helping you look for the type of man who is actually right for you!

You’re professionally successful but can’t seem to find relationship success

Welcome to the club! So many of the women I coach fall into this category. Don’t beat yourself up because you’re not as good at this as you are at your career! You probably poured your heart and soul, not to mention many years, into mastering your profession. You may have spent years in college or under the guidance of another professional. This means you probably spent very little time, if any, focused on examining what type of guy is right for you or how to go about finding him. Top that off with the failed relationships you have under your belt, which have all piled up to put your dating confidence in the dumper. Coaching is the solution!

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You want your ex back!

I coach a lot of women through getting their ex back and, if this is your goal, we can work on it together. You’ve probably been trying to get him back by using the ideas of your friends and family, probably the majority of whom are women. The problem is you need a man who understands the male mind to help you work on getting him back! I can decode his actions, words, and even his inaction and tell you what he’s really trying to say. I will help you get him back indirectly, not directly as you’ve been trying to do.

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You spent many years in a relationship and now you’re ready to re-enter the dating scene

Many women who visit my site are over 40. This means many of them fall into this category! Maybe you were married for a long time and now, you find yourself divorced and ready to get back into dating. Maybe you’re a widow who wants to see if she can find another Mr. Right. The problem, of course, is that dating seems to have changed a lot since the last time you tried it. You need a man who understands this and can help you decode the actions of the men you meet. I know where to find those guys and just what tools you need in your toolbox to help you draw him in.

Your guy is getting lazy on you

Guys get lazy in relationships. It starts to feel like he’s taking you for granted. You feel as if he barely notices you’re there, he hardly does anything to help out around the house and you sometimes wonder if he even realizes you’re still in the room. This happens sometimes in relationships but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with it! I know just how to snap him out of his laziness and get him to be more attentive and present in your relationship!

You’re interested in trying online dating

Online dating can feel very challenging. You need a catchy headline. You need a great photo. Worst of all, you need a profile which will draw in the good guys, not the losers. I understand! I have coached many women through this process and have helped them write profiles which have truly drawn in the good guys! I can help you shy away from the typical profile and make you stand out in a very loud crowd of women your age, all wanting the same thing you do.

You feel hopeless about dating

It is easy to slide into a feeling of hopelessness if you’ve suffered through a few relationship failures. Repeated struggles with finding a successful relationship can leave you wondering if you’re even capable of being in a relationship. Rest assured, you are not flawed or incapable of finding a good man. You just need a little boost to help you get back on track and I’m just the man you need! My combined abilities as a life and dating coach enable me to help you work through these feelings and get you back on track!

Your own personal reason

Maybe none of these fit you, but you still feel as if you need something more than a book or article to help you get back on track. You need me – a dating coach for women! You may think your situation is unique – difficult for anyone to understand – but I guarantee you it isn’t. I have worked with many women and I have helped each of them with their unique situation. My advantage, however, isn’t that I’ve heard it all or seen it all but that I’m a man and I know how the male mind works. Whether you’re frustrated with a current beau, wanting to reunite with an ex or looking for Mr. Right, I can help you move past frustrated and into successful!

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