Dating and life coaches take on many roles. We are the friend who listens to your problems; the sounding board for your life challenges; your cheerleader-mentor-best friend. I am all of those, rolled into one! I am a dating coach for women!

When life has you down, I’m the person you can go to to help you break through and mend. I can take what already exists within you, bring it out, and help you become the potent woman who demands respect and exudes confidence!

dating coach for women

Feel better about life.

It’s time to stop being afraid! This is the first day of the rest of your life. Today is the day that you move toward having the career, the man, the home, the car you want to have. It’s time to feel confident and strong! No more being a doormat for you! You will be able to attract the right man for you – your prince charming!

My core coaching concept can be summed up by watching this powerful Dove® video.

Help with guys…from a guy!

Understand the male mind by hearing straight from the source! Who gets men better than other men!? I am a guy who is sick of the way guys are treating you! I know what guys are looking for and I can help you understand what’s going on inside our minds.

Coaching Packages

dating coach for women

dating coach for women

Make changes. Attract men.

Gain control over your dating life. Make changes within yourself that will attract the man you deserve! With my help, you will be able to do just that! I love helping women and I can’t wait to help you! My methods might be a little bit unorthodox, but I will give you the answers that your girlfriends and family won’t give you. I am one of Boston’s top dating coaches. My goal is to make you a better and stronger woman.

I want to be your friend, your mentor, your guide to the life you deserve. I offer two different packages, depending on the level of assistance you want.

Amazing! I literally went from crying every day and every night about my break up to going out again with new and exciting people. I am dating again, and this time, guys actually like me and are pursuing me. My Ex, (even though I don’t want him back anymore) wants to get back together! Dream on, I choose now. Gregg listened to my heartbreak, came up with a plan, adjusted it, held me accountable and changed my life. He connected with me in a way I can’t even explain. Hire this man. – Michelle


What Else is There to Know?

  • I will give you my best and I ask the same from you – be motivated, open and receptive
  • Everything is Confidential! My career depends on it. I work with many celebrities and high ranking CEO’s. You have my word
  • I can only take on a limited number of clients at one time, in order to give all of my clients the time they deserve
  • You will get more than you pay for! Many of my best friends today were first my readers
  • You can pay easily with PayPal!

Coaching Packages