Tell Me a Story

Men sort through the 'junk' of a story before talking and only say what they feel is necessary to the conversation, keeping emotion out of it and getting straight to the point.

Women provide all the junk, which can usually also be called the emotion of a story. A man will interrupt when he has heard all he thinks he needs to hear to offer a solution, which was, in his mind, the whole point.

Bridge the Gap

It can be very annoying when someone interrupts you, or it seems as if someone is or isn’t giving you enough information, or too much. The difference in how men and women tell a story falls into this category.

The Man

Men are sort of the “just the facts ma’am” type of story tellers. To a man, everything in life has a purpose. Productivity and efficiency rank high on the priority list, and telling a story is no exception. Because of this inherent efficiency rule, men will weed out all of the junk that is in a story, only telling the pieces he thinks it’s inefficient and unnecessary.

As if that’s not enough, men also think women talk too much and ask too many questions. This is why a man will interrupt you when you’re telling a story – he really just wants you to get to the point.

The Woman

Women can’t provide enough details when they tell a story. Nothing is left out, down to the smallest piece of information. This drives men crazy! Communication to a woman is not only an outward expression, but an inward exploration and organization of thoughts. It just happens to occur with talking, whereas a man does it before he talks. He’s thinking all of the same things about a story he is telling, he’s just not sharing them with you.

 The Bridge

In order to hold your man’s attention while you’re telling a story, try to sift through at least some of the unnecessary stuff. If you want to get down to all of the gory details, call one of your friends and tell her. Also, it’s important to realize that when he tells you a story, he’s doing so in a way he feels is efficient. You might think he doesn’t provide you with enough details, but to him, those details are unnecessary.

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