Your Bonus Text – Pull the Rug Out from Under Him

This one was too good to leave off of the infographic, but too lengthy to include.
This is a great conversation for a few reasons, which I have put in parentheses as we go along.

Gregg: “Hi Kim, I thought I would drop you a line and see how your day is going!”

Kim: “Who’s this?” (even if you know, this makes him try harder)

Gregg: “Gregg from last night. We talked about how cute your dog looks with those ribbons in her hair.”

Kim: “Oh yeah! Hi Gregg. It was nice to meet you.”

Gregg: “Do you want to meet up? Maybe Sat. night?”

Kim: “Busy, but I can do Friday afternoon lunch.” (Guys only go for daytime dates if they really like you. This is an excellent test.)

Gregg: “Cool, call you on Thursday night to set a place.”

Kim: “Surprise me. Hint – I like anything with cheese in it.”

Gregg: “I’ll keep that in mind.”

Kim says nothing more.

Always, and I mean ALWAYS let him say the last thing. This leaves him wondering and creates an air of mystery! He won’t be able to wait until Friday to see Kim again!

Let’s look at the impact on Gregg:

  • Gregg is a confident guy (he thought) and he did all the right things last night (he thought) only to realize that Kim didn’t even remember who he was! Talk about a kick in the jewels!
  • Gregg’s mind is concentrating on one thing – “I have to try harder with this one!”
  • Gregg really is going to make this date a good one (if he can get her to go out, she still might flake on him). No pizza and a movie for this high value woman! It’s gotta’ be Morton’s Steakhouse and dancing if he is going to get Kim to remember him.