The Confidence Jab

Mark: Hey gorgeous, when do I get to see you?

Amy’s correct response: When I decide you’re worthy! Kidding, we can do Saturday night early, then I am meeting up with my friends from Chicago

This response tells Mark

  • She is a high value woman with more interests than just Mark;
  • If he wants to make plans with Amy, he needs to get on her schedule;
  • Amy is a Keeper;
  • Amy isn’t sitting around waiting on him – he will work harder to be worthy of her time.

You might think Mark is turned ‘off’ of Amy with this bold statement

Amy’s incorrect response: Oh Mark I’d love to meet up with you on Saturday. I don’t have anything going on! 

This tells Mark:

  • Amy is a Rest Stop – she doesn’t have a life outside of him – this will freak him out;
  • Mark can rely on her for plans when he can’t find anything else to do – she’s the fall-back plan girl;
  • Bob will lose interest in Amy, she hasn’t shown him to be intriguing or challenging.

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