The Confidence Jab

Mark: Hey gorgeous, when do I get to see you?”

Amy’s correct response, “When I decide you’re worthy! Kidding, we can do Saturday night early, then I am meeting up with my friends from Chicago” to Mark tells him:

  • She is a high value woman with more interests than just Mark;
  • If he wants to make plans with Amy, he needs to get on her schedule;
  • Amy is a Keeper;
  • Amy isn’t sitting around waiting on him – he will work harder to be worthy of her time.

You might think Mark is turned ‘off’ of Amy with this bold statement

Amy’s incorrect response, “Oh Mark I’d love to meet up with you on Saturday. I don’t have anything going on!” tells Mark:

  • Amy is a Rest Stop – she doesn’t have a life outside of him – this will freak him out;
  • Mark can rely on her for plans when he can’t find anything else to do – she’s the fall-back plan girl;
  • Bob will lose interest in Amy, she hasn’t shown him to be intriguing or challenging.