The Compliment Retreat

Mary: “I was thinking about you last night”
Joe: “Yeah? Tell me about it!!!”
Mary’s correct response, “Get your mind out of the gutter mister – I have an idea for your new business” will have this impact on Joe:

  • Joe got the rug pulled out from him! He thought this was a sexual comment coming from Mary;
  • Joe will now pursue Mary even more because he is desperate for Mary to like him more;
  • He wants her to provide him with a sexual comment to prove that she is all in.

You might be feeling a little sorry for Joe right now. Don’t! He’ll be fine, AND he’ll be chasing Mary even harder!

Mary’s incorrect response,” I dreamed that we were having awesome sex together” will have this impact on Joe:

  • Joe now knows that Mary wants to have sex with him – so the chase is over -game over;
  • Joe thinks that it is too soon for a conversation like this so he withdrawals from the relationship;
  • Joe also wonders how many other guys Mary has told this exact same thing.