Stay One Step Ahead of Him

Bob: Angie, let’s meet up tomorrow night at the Pub! I want to see you!

Angie’s Correct response: Hi Bob! Can’t do it! I’ve got plans but maybe next week, I’ll let you know! 

This response tells Bob:

  • She has a life outside of him-he’s wondering what she’s doing that she can’t meet with him;
  • Bob thinks “I will not be outdone by another guy!”
  • She is a challenge to him;
  • She is providing a little bit of resistance, which makes him try harder;
  • She is proving to Bob that she is a Keeper, not a Rest Stop!
  • Bob has learned that he shouldn’t wait until the last minute to make plans with Angie – in other words, not to take her for granted!

You might think that this text will chase Bob away! It won’t! He is intrigued!

Angie’s Incorrect response: Hi Bob! Sure, I’d love to go out with you tomorrow! I have no plans!

This tells Bob:

  • Angie’s chances of seeing Bob are now reduced to 50/50 (compared to 85% above);
  • Angie is a Rest Stop – she had no plans – she has no other life;
  • Bob doesn’t feel that he has to compete for Angie – she is not a challenge;
  • Bob doesn’t even know why he has lost interest – he just knows she is no longer intriguing to him!

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