Payback is Fun!

Jason: Looks like my team cleaned your clock last night – you may bow to me at any time

Beth’s correct response: I will bow to you because I am a gracious loser. Oh, by the way, you will be getting no sex for the next 2 weeks, so who is the real loser? HA!

This will have the following impact on Jason

  • Jason’s cocky response was met with an even more cocky confident response!
  • Whoa, he now knows that his girlfriend is still a big league player and not a pushover;
  • Jason feels a moment of content and happiness with his girl because he loves the fact that she is still unpredictable even after 3 years of dating!

You might think poor Jason is going to go looking for a new girlfriend. He’s won’t! I promise!

Beth’s incorrect response: You win again, as always, my team sucks

This will have this impact on Jason:

  • Jason thinks, “same ole’, same ole’” response from Beth; no real damage done here, of course, but Beth had an opportunity to shine and she didn’t take it;
  • After time, if Beth continues to bore Jason, he might slowly start to go rogue;
  • Jason thinks he might hurt Beth’s feelings so he stops jabbing her with his victories; again, no big deal, but Beth blew a chance to kick a bit of adrenaline into their relationship and did not.

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