My Cup Runneth Over (aka I’m Good Without You)

Scott: “That was awesome meeting you last night! Can we get together soon?”
Christie’s correct response, “I had fun too – I’ll let you know, to be honest, I need a break from men – we’ll see” will definitely impact Scott. Let’s see how:

  • Scott just realized Christie is a busy woman and her priorities do not include him so he must change this and try harder (this is the competitor in him);
  • Scott is left hanging and wondering if Christie will even call him; he is not used to this so he texts her again later in the day.

You may think Scott will just give up, but he won’t!

Christie’s incorrect response,”Last night was incredible! I’m free all week, just let me know when!” will have this impact on Scott:

  • Scott now knows Christie has no other dates or options socially, except to go out with him;
  • Now, he can take his time and keep looking for other women that present more of a “challenge”;
  • Scott knows that Christie will text him next anyway so he doesn’t even bother setting up the date;
  • They never end up getting together all because of a bad text!