Getting What You Want Out of Him

Lori: The boys are having a camping sleep over in the back yard – can you get the lawn mowed like you said you would please?

Pete: I’ll try. I promised Joe I would help him with his mustang, can’t they camp out inside or at Jim’s house or something?

Lori’s correct response: No worries, I’ll call Mary’s landscaper

This has an impact on Pete:

  • Pete will be right home to mow the lawn!
  • Pete is reminded that Mary has options
  • Pete doesn’t want some other guy mowing his lawn – why? Because this is one of the ways Pete shows Lori that he loves her!

Here’s the rest of the conversation:

Pete: What? NO! I’ll do it in one hour!

Lori: Thanks Sweetie!

You may be thinking that your guy would say “Okay honey, no problem.” He won’t!

Lori’s incorrect response: WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU’RE HELPING JOE?!?!?! I NEED YOU HERE NOW! (flaming mad and screaming)

This will have this impact on Pete:

  • Pete definitely won’t be home to mow the lawn;
  • Pete tuned out as soon as she started “yelling” – he may not have even read the whole text;
  • Mary is really angry at Pete and their relationship will be strained until they discuss this issue – IF they ever do.

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