Getting What You Want Out of Him

Lori: The boys are having a camping sleep over in the back yard – can you get the lawn mowed like you said you would please?”
Pete: “I’ll try. I promised Joe I would help him with his mustang, can’t they camp out inside or at Jim’s house or something?”
Lori’s correct response “No worries, I’ll call Mary’s landscaper” has this impact on Pete:

  • Pete will be right home to mow the lawn!
  • Pete is reminded that Mary has options;
  • Pete doesn’t want some other guy mowing his lawn – why? Because this is one of the ways Pete shows Lori that he loves her!

Here’s the rest of the conversation:
Pete: “What? NO! I’ll do it in one hour!”
Lori: “Thanks Sweetie!”

You may be thinking that your guy would say “Okay honey, no problem.” He won’t!

Lori’s incorrect response “WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU’RE HELPING JOE?!?!?! I NEED YOU HERE NOW!” (flaming mad and screaming) will have this impact on Pete:

  • Pete definitely won’t be home to mow the lawn;
  • Pete tuned out as soon as she started “yelling” – he may not have even read the whole text;
  • Mary is really angry at Pete and their relationship will be strained until they discuss this issue – IF they ever do.