Not understanding yourself is a common problem in relationships. People jump into relationships before they are ready for a variety of reasons, but when you don’t really know who you are, it makes it very difficult to find the person who is right for you!

I have a few sure-fire ways for you to get a handle on who you are:

To Date a Man You Must Understand  Yourself

To Date a Man, You Must Understand Yourself is a great book for helping you learn more about who you are and how to become a Woman of Worth (WOW)! 

This book will give you the insight to understand the difference between Keepers and Rest Stops in the male mind. You want to be a Keeper!

Comfortable in Your Own Shoes

Comfortable in Your Own Shoes will help you build upon the confidence you have and escalate yourself into a high-value woman!

This is the only book out there written for women to help them build confidence! This book will help you change the voice in your head, develop a plan, and move your life in the right direction!

Own Your Tomorrow

While the subtitle of this book is “Prepare Yourself for Love”, what’s inside works for you if you’re in a relationship as well, especially if that relationship is destructive, as co-dependent relationship can be.

This book is all about beginning to take care of yourself and your surroundings. It provides the opportunity and permission to spend some time focusing on yourself. You are a valuable, worthy woman and taking the steps inside this book reminds you of that!

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