We Don’t Know Happiness so We Don’t Seek it

Happy people want to be around happy people, but unhappy people don’t want to be around happy people. Why would they? It’s a bummer when you’re down to be hanging around a bunch of people who are all sunny-side up!

Not knowing happiness means you may have had an abusive or dysfunctional childhood that has left you depressed, angry, bitter or just plain unhappy. Regardless of the cause, you’re not going to seek someone who is happy – that just reminds you of how miserable you think your own life is. How can you turn that frown upsidedown?

Comfortable in Your Own Shoes

illustrates how we each create our own reality. What is happing in your external world is a direct reflection of what is happening in your mind. To boil it down, what you are saying to yourself in your own thoughts is playing a role in what your life is like in every other way. Read more about turning your negative thoughts around.

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To Date a Man, You Must Understand Yourself

helps you gain an understanding of how the way you live your life impacts your ability to become a Woman of Worth (WOW), enabling you to attract a high-value man. Read more about becoming a WOW!