It's time to build your confidence!

Build it by Reading

Comfortable in Your Own Shoes

The confidence course written just for women! This book takes you from changing your inner voice all the way to achieving goals! It’s a step-by-step guide to becoming a better version of you!

The Social Tigress

If you’re single and looking for a great guy, this is an excellent start! This book guides you through the process of finding guys where they hang out! Lots of fun challenges to boost your bravery & find the guy you deserve.

To Date a Man You Must Understand Yourself

Join two women in their dating journey. See a little bit of yourself in both women & learn  how to become the woman men want to keep forever, & not the woman they date until the she arrives.

Middle Aged and Kickin' It

If you’re coming out of a long-term relationship and dating seems foreign to you, this is an excellent starting point! My readers asked for this book and here it is! Start getting your mojo back tonight!

Own Your Tomorrow

Part of being a confident woman is taking care of yourself. Own Your Tomorrow is your guidebook to self-care and building confidence! Start taking these steps tonight and instantly feel better about yourself!

Live Like You're Dying

You gain a new perspective on the world when you start to live like you’re dying. Things that seemed important suddenly slip away and new priorities emerge. Learn to on what’s important to you!

He's Gone, Now What?

If you’re coming out of a breakup, this is an excellent starting point. This book is full of hands-on activities to help you start feeling better! Understand the why behind how you feel right now.

When Online Dating Sends You Running for Cover

Whether you’ve tried online dating or you’re thinking about it, this book gives you the best possible start! Go from posting your profile to going on a date and beyond!

Build it With Coaching

Ask a Question

Get an expert response to your dating or relationship question with the click of a mouse! 

Ask your question and you will receive a response within 24 hours, usually sooner. Then, you can follow up with one additional question for clarification! A great way to get answers quickly!


Sometimes, you need to ask more than a question. You need some life coaching to get things turned around.

You will find several levels of coaching, each providing you with the opportunity to get all your questions answered easily, privately and with expert advice! Different levels of coaching provide cost-effective solutions.

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