Your Days of taking in wet kittens are OVER!

It’s time to build your confidence!

I have several options for you! Building confidence is a click away

Building confidence doesn’t come easily. It won’t happen over night, but it can happen if you dedicate yourself to the process and stick with it! This is your next step in attracting quality men! What are you waiting for?

Free Confidence Course
Coaching can be expensive, I know, but I wanted to make an option for everybody, so I put together this free confidence course!

How it Works

You begin by taking a quick, 10-question confidence quiz. The quiz will give you an evaluation of where your confidence is today. It will also point you to the course that fits your confidence.

There are four levels total, and it is possible to move through all of them, depending on where you score on the quiz! The seamless process will take you step-by-step from one level to the next.

My Confidence Book
Build upon what you learned in the self-directed course or build your confidence by progressing through the activities in this book.

Why Read It?

While you can get a small dose of confidence from nearly all of my books, Comfortable in Your Own Shoes is a complete confidence course, designed to help every woman build her confidence.

You will progress step-by-step through activities that will benefit all aspects of your ilfe, not just dating! Even if you feel your confidence is high, you will learn new skills in this book.

Virtual Coaching
Virtual coaching provides you with access to one of the Who Holds the Cards Now coaches. Packages come in a variety of sizes to meet any need.

How it Works

We begin with an online form. You provide answers to the questions you are comfortable answering and. in return, I will provide you with a few options for moving your life forward and I will help you work through the option you select.

How your coaching progresses is completely up to you. I am there to help but you’re doing the heavy lifting! You will see results almost immediately if you follow my guidance!

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