My Books are on Audible!

These dating books are at the top of the charts – all best sellers. Many are #1 Best  Sellers on Amazon right now. Do not underestimate the power of what lies inside. Readers have read 200,000+ and counting so they work! One by one, we have been converting my books to an audio format. Below is the current list of audiobooks you can find in this format, along with a link to buy (you can also click the cover to buy!).

Understand Men!

This book will strip a man of his power and render him helpless until you have gained what you desire through his actions. Then, and only then, will we “power him up” again. Everyone’s story is unique. You are unique. Men are unique. But your situation is not. I have seen it and fixed it a thousand times. If we can talk in combination with this dating book – we can improve your situation…That’s what Gregg does! Find out inside his book!

This dating advice for women book has over 400+ reviews averaging 4 1/2 stars!! It is the jewel of all dating books. This book gives you the blueprint to the male mind so YOU can get what you want from a man and NOT the other way around. If you buy one audiobook, this is the #1 Amazon Best Seller to have in your library! After you read this book, most people will hungry for more and will want to master my ways with The Man Whisperer Program.

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Text Like a Pro!

Over 250 reviews on Amazon, with a 4 star average! I see women make texting mistakes with men all of the time. I actually take their phones and text for them (with their permission of course) and watch the immediate results! The differences in how men and women communicate are so huge. If you want a guy to respond to you when YOU want him to, you need THIS book! You’re innocently making many blunders when you text but you won’t anymore.

This audio book has stayed atop the best sellers list for one reason and one reason only – it works! You can quickly correct the errors you’ve been making and turn your guy’s head. You will lure in that new guy you met last night. No more texting frustrations! Get your copy now!

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Are you tired of chasing cheap losers who won’t commit?

Has your man gotten complacent with you? Are you dating emotionally unavailable men? Do guys break up with you? Or do you simply want to learn how to get a boyfriend?

What if I show you how to attract a man with 5 lethal steps? 5 simple steps that will make him commit and beg to be your boyfriend? Relationship advice that you can start tonight and see results in the morning.

This dating advice book started them all and is your anchor read. Oh yeah, it too is a #1 Amazon Best Seller and has 204+ reviews and a 4 star rating. Stop messing around and get this guy to commit! Get it on audio, print, or Kindle. Heck, it’s so popular around the world, it’s in Chinese too.

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This dating audiobook for women will produce one thing: MORE MEN.

Now I know you don’t want more men you just want the RIGHT man. But to get the right man you need CHANGE and that’s where I come in.

One thing still blows my mind: Why wonderful, intelligent women are still single! Many have given up or don’t have a clue what they are doing wrong.

I can change that. And I’ll do it with this short read.No fluff, no crap, just a days coffee $ put towards dating tips. Simple changes that will attract men. This audio book comes in with 80+ reviews averaging 4 1/2 stars!

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Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Fast!

You’re having trouble breathing. You spent months/years together and this was the GUY. You feel helpless – you were SO close. And now it’s over.

WRONG! You want your ex boyfriend back fast? Do you want to save your marriage? Then trigger the male mind by stirring his most powerful emotion; Losing you to another man! This is the key to getting your ex boyfriend back. When he realizes he might lose you, your little pink smart phone is going to text off the hook. But you know what? You still are not going to take him back. Nope, not until you do 4 more steps (this is his surprise.) Go to Amazon and try to find another book with 246 reviews averaging 4 1/2 stars – YOU CAN’T.

Get the book and get the Ex-Back Multiplier and your Ex is in trouble, GUARANTEED!

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Everyone needs a great story!

Women that create a positive story before they settle down get rewarded with quality men that stay in their lives. Positive experiences define your story and this makes you interesting. When you are interesting, you have opinions and with opinions you can challenge people – namely men.  Women who have a great story develop boundaries and they live their lives with conviction.

We are going to work on your story. And if it sucks, then we are going to change it. And when we do, you will be amazed how easy it will be to get what you want out of life and attract a quality man!

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Are YOU Living Like You’re Dying?

Life is too short to wait until tomorrow to begin living! Most of us live our lives as if there is no ending. We squander time and opportunities. We get caught up in being unhappy. We settle for a “Plan B” when Plan A seems too difficult or too risky.

Well, no more my friend! Live Like You’re Dying will help you develop new strategies to begin living each day to it’s fullest!

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If You’re Tired of the Dating Life, You NEED This Book!

You’ve dated and broken up so many times you’ve about given up! Mr. Right seems to be elusive. When you do find him, he slips away and you’re left wondering what happened. I see this all the time. I hear it from you, my readers, every day.

With Own Your Tomorrow, you get two books in one! You get 14 steps to truly prepare yourself for love, followed by tips on how to find and keep a GREAT guy! This audiobook is a must read for every dating woman!

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Pennies CD 002

How Would You Like Some Relationship Insurance?

Who wouldn’t like that, right? Pennies in the Jar provides you with relationship insurance. This book is your key to making your relationship affair-proof, break-up proof. Between the covers of Pennies in the Jar are many ways for you to build experiences with your an – ways to put pennies in the jar.

Each penny you put in the jar – each experience the two of you share together, each time you react to his moods in a “manly” way, you build intimacy. You shore up the walls around your relationship.

I want you to succeed. I want your relationship to be the best it can be. I want to see you and your guy build intimacy and a rock-solid relationship. Your ticket is this book!

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Which Type of Guy is Right for You?

You took your first step in understanding men when you read To Date a Man, You Must Understand a Man, but now, it’s time to dig deeper. In Manimals, I describe to you ten different types of men, some of which are The Overcompensator, The Momma’s Boy and The Sexy Older Guy. Each of these types of men has their strong and weak points, and not every type of guy is right for every woman.

I’ll also describe ten different types of women, and tell you which type of man best fits that personality. I know, it’s difficult to wrap one person into a label, but you can generally see yourself, or your man, in one type or another.

The book also provides some new advice on making a relationship go the distance, how a man defines a confident woman, and a few other hints. Click the cover to get your copy now.

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Our self esteem has gotten beat up since we were little kids but it is time to get it back!

You can’t be happy or attract men if you don’t love yourself. This confidence workbook is geared toward building self esteem in all areas of life and will have a profound effect on your everyday happiness too. Confidence begins with a plan. I lay out your road map in detail in the quiet of your own home. Each day, you will head out with the lessons learned from the night before. If you work hard, amazing things start to happen during your day and in your life! My readers have had superb results with both men and their careers – you will too.

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Power Up Your Communication Skills

I get dozens of emails every day and one thing quickly became crystal clear to me – we don’t know how to effectively communicate with one another. Yes, we yell. We talk, we have things to say and we want people to do things with us or for us but we stink at communicating our message. In The Power to Communicate, I teach you everything you need to know to get what you want from someone by not only communicating more effectively but by learning how and when to listen. Click the cover or the link below to get your Audible copy today!

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Get the Secrets to Relationship Success!

Finally! The 10 Secrets You Need to Know About Men is here! If you’re having a problem with a man, I’ve got the answer! Is your guy spending too much time with his friends? 10 Secrets has your answer! If your guy doesn’t show emotion, 10 Secrets has your answer! No matter what problem you’re having with men, this book will help you understand and solve it!

Get your copy today and have all of your frustrating relationships with men turn around in no time!

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