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Gregg Michaelsen’s Appearances

Gregg Hits NYC!

Gregg visited New York City to do a few Your Tango video shoots with some female dating experts including Dr. Helen Fisher. They covered a variety of topics in these six videos. Watch Gregg go at it with the women – it’s both informative and funny!

What is the Importance of Physical Attraction?

Should You Share How Many Partners You’ve Had?

Does Love at First Sight Exist?

The Experts on Online Dating

Video Summits & Podcasts

Gregg is honored and pleased to participate in these video summits. While we don’t have links to all of them, we have shared a few so you can get a taste of Gregg’s passion for helping women!

The Secrets About Men – Suzanne Oshima

Thriving After Divorce – Tanya Dube

5 Principles to a Passionate Life and a Dynamic Family – Dr. Allen Darbonne

Successful Woman’s Guide to Attract and Marry Her Man – Cyndi Olin

The Confident Woman Online Event – Jeanine Addonisio

Attract the Extraordinary Love of Your Life – Orchid Tao

Women and Love Virtual Event – Dr. Erica Goodstone

Engaged at Any Age Video Summit – Jaki Sabourin

The Man Panel 2: Men Demystified – Michelle Marchant Johnson

Magnet for Love Summit 2017 – Lorna Poole